The Saga of Little Jack Horner: An Introduction to the Many Corners of Manycorners

“Little Jack Horner sat in the corner,” begins the famous nursery rhyme, but for us here at the Many Corners of Manycorners, we wonder in which corner Little Jack Horner was actually sitting. Was he in his Christmas corner eating his Christmas pie, or was he in his cooking corner, baking another pie? Or, possibly, was he in his time out corner for making a mess in the kitchen?

In our world, there are many, many corners in which one can play, in which one can garden, cook, clean, sew, crochet, cross-stitch, or even nap. The possibilities are endless! All of that corner work can certainly cause a person to get tuckered out and need a bit of a snooze!

Here in our world, we will present you with our view of the corners in which we play every day. But for now, let us leave you with a picture of perhaps our favorite corner, the corner in which everything is possible: a sunny day. Here, a playful kitty has had a happy day and needs a little shut-eye. He is in his napping-in-the-sunshine corner and he is very content! Bye for now!

Contented Kitty

Contented Kitty