The Second Sunday of August

Today is eight-one.  “Ate one” what?



Mm… doughnuts?



This could go on forever.

August was  great time for me when I was younger. The state fair had just ended. (Loved the fireworks and the midway rides.)  In the 60s, my grandmother would enter something in almost every home event; she loved crocheting, sewing, baking, canning. Can’t forget her flower garden and her competing with the neighbor across the street for the best looking flowers.

The second Sunday of August was our family reunion (father’s side). We would all pile in the car and head up north to the big city of Wilmington, Delaware. At first the reunions were held at Aunt Harriet’s house, but as the extended family grew, the reunions were moved to Brandywine State Park.

After fun and games and a big lunch, we would head over to the the big department stores that (at the time) only the “big city” would have: Gaylords, Almart, and of course Wilmington Dry Goods.

My aforementioned grandmother would always seek out the yard goods (sewing) department. I thought she meant she was looking for outdoor furniture.

My brothers and I would go look at the back-to-school supplies. It was a big deal to have a binder and/or a lunch box that was bought in the “big city”! What can I say? I grew up in a small town in slower Delaware!

The family reunions came to an end in the early seventies as the elder relatives started passing away and the New Jersey relatives no longer wanted to trek down to Wilmington.

But hey, in the early seventies,  Wilmington Dry Goods opened a store in Dover, so who needed to trek to the “big city”?!

As for the other weeks in August back in the 60s, I would spend one week with my (aforementioned) grandmother, then a week with my other grandmother (she lived in Maryland so it was great to say I went out of state on my summer vacation).  Then as the summer wound down it was time to get ready to go back to school. Today, as I look back on times gone by, I remember the innocence of it all and smile.